Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Totally Headache Free-not

After some bumps in the road last week with figuring out insurance company stuff and prescription stuff, my Dr and I decided to move up to 100mg of Topamax a day. I am still getting heads, two last week, and today I am sitting on one.

The new one time headache medicine worked wonderfully but is expensive. Hopefully it was approved, and will come through mail order. Our family hit our high deductible this year (we have had a rough year!) so this should help! (yes we believe in taking care of our part in medical insurance and bills)

I know I will not be able to live totally headache free. But a whole month would be a dream. Sometimes working through them or focusing on something else helps. Sometimes it's beyond what I can handle.

It's summer time. And we have a list to take care of! So I can't be knocked down, I got kids I got to keep up with!

As for taking 100mg and side effects-I am on day 2 and missed two days of taking it. I should have eased back into it (50mg-75mg- 100mg) but no I went to a 100 and the biggest thing is about 4pm I feel like I have been hit by a brick wall. I must sleep for about 30 minutes then I'm good. I'm hoping that this will go away as my body gets use to it. I do have the tingling and at times find I lose what I want to say. The really was the worse on the days I missed the pills.

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