Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Little Tingling

Tingling was part of the side effect for the medicine Topamax.  The first day it was all day.  Now it is only after I take my pill in the evening.  By morning it is gone.  I am glad for that.
Today I have been tired though.  A little out of it.  But I have gotten a lot done and that is good!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sleeping wrong

I find that when I sleep wrong I get headaches. Last night was one of those nights. My sweet husband got me at Christmas a sleep number pillow. I love it. But it takes some getting use to. Last night was one of those nights.
So today I've been tired. A little headache but more in the back neck.
Tonight my hands are tingling again.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

One momma living with headaches.

I live with headaches.  I get migraines, tension headaches, stress headaches, sinus headaches.  Mostly migraines and tension.

I hit my breaking point two days ago.  Headaches are stealing me life.  I hate it.  I needed a change.
My doctor had talked to me about a daily medicine called Topamax.  I read about it, the side effects scared me.  I decided since I enjoy blogging  and could not really find a blog I was looking for I started a basic one.

I started taking Topamax two days ago.  25 mg at night.  So far my only side effect are tingling in my hands and arms.  It was worse yesterday, not so bad today.

I hope to keep track of headaches here, what I am doing about them, both with medicine and naturally.  I also hope to keep track of any side affect of the the medicine Topamax.

How do you live with your headaches?