Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's been 18 days

It has been 18 days since my last super bad headache. I have had a few stress related ones here and there. But last night I felt this one come on. This morning I awoke to it full speed ahead.
My magic medicine sits at Target and a mail order Pharmacy. That will be fixed here soon. The house is quiet as everyone went to church. I stayed behind. Blogging helps my mind wander from the pain for a bit. The nagging knife inside banging to try to break free.
18 days of freedom from that knife, that pain, that being tied to the tiredness. It will reset. 1 headache every 3 weeks verses 3 headaches every 1 week. It's worth it.
Regardless the pain is the same. It almost feels most isolated. It's not running from one headache to another. But as I keep my one time meds with me, that will be resolved soon.
For now, I rest my eyes, gathering enough energy to get dressed and head over to Target.

My kids are singing in Church and I don't want to miss it.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Didn't sleep

I was missing a child last night. Something wasn't right and I didn't sleep well. Today was a busy stressful day finding my son. What once was lost is found. Thank God. Thank God.

Evening time and a headache is starting. Its more stress, lack of sleep, avoidance, life.
Pain is in front.

But today is June 28
8 days of no headaches.


Medicine seems to be working. I feel I am getting more done-things are staying cleaner. I didn't realize how much headaches stoled from me.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Moon Sand Headache

I just got back from shopping from Wal-Mart. With three kids who did pretty good. We are going to make moon sand. But by the time I got home a head has started-which leaves me feeling blah. The kids didn't know what we were doing so things don't get off track for them.

But now I'm frustrated. Summer is too be fun-now I am shot down. Lets hope a nap and I will be good to go.

And we will get the moon sand made! Sandcastles are on our list!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Totally Headache Free-not

After some bumps in the road last week with figuring out insurance company stuff and prescription stuff, my Dr and I decided to move up to 100mg of Topamax a day. I am still getting heads, two last week, and today I am sitting on one.

The new one time headache medicine worked wonderfully but is expensive. Hopefully it was approved, and will come through mail order. Our family hit our high deductible this year (we have had a rough year!) so this should help! (yes we believe in taking care of our part in medical insurance and bills)

I know I will not be able to live totally headache free. But a whole month would be a dream. Sometimes working through them or focusing on something else helps. Sometimes it's beyond what I can handle.

It's summer time. And we have a list to take care of! So I can't be knocked down, I got kids I got to keep up with!

As for taking 100mg and side effects-I am on day 2 and missed two days of taking it. I should have eased back into it (50mg-75mg- 100mg) but no I went to a 100 and the biggest thing is about 4pm I feel like I have been hit by a brick wall. I must sleep for about 30 minutes then I'm good. I'm hoping that this will go away as my body gets use to it. I do have the tingling and at times find I lose what I want to say. The really was the worse on the days I missed the pills.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

I Dream of Headache

Well watched the new Dallas last night. That was fun! Hence the title and JR!:).

I had a dream last night. I don't remember what, but when I awoke almost right after I got a horrible headache. Both sides. Then my stomach went sour. It was bad. I thought I should take my new magic pill. But I wasn't sure if I was going to throw up. So I just took Excdrine
instead. My new little magic pill I only had one left, and I figured if I could get past the upset tummy maybe I would take it if I was still bad in the morning. Plus I wasn't sure what kind of headache this one was.

So my towel became my best friend, I found that magical spot, said a prayer, blinked my eyes three times and prayed to fall asleep.

Morning is here, and all is better. I am tired, but feeling better! Good things for prayers!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Moms, Kids and Headaches

I have been good now for about two weeks.  I moved up to 75 mg of Topamax by last Friday.  The Only real noticeable side effect is tingling in my feet.  I asked my Doctor to give me something for my headaches to take that would not knock me out.  I was taking Imitex in a pill form. Before I was doing the nose spray, that worked, but didn't knock me out. 

So I am trying Maxalt 5mg.  I only got two pills and paid over $80 and was shocked.  Gosh headaches are expensive!  I have lives and survived with this pain for so long.  Many people just don't know how it is to live with this pain in your head.  You have to function with you have kids.  My kids are good.  Buy sometimes kid noises piece my head. 

Today I was brave, I took all four kids into Target to get my medicine.  I even let my teen drive.  I was weak.  I bought crafts for them to do.  I am glad I did!  They have had a great time painting.  Since I have been home, I made lunch, took my pill, and my headache has gotten a little better.  Hoping to get a small nap in while the little kids nap. 

I was working on books in my house.  But when you get headaches, it slows down you day.  You can't do everything and it frustrates me to no end.  It takes me days after to recover.  Hopefully I will bounce back and get this all done. 

I know it is hard, but if you are a mom and get headaches, you know what I am saying.  How sometimes, we just having to live with the headaches. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nothing Sunshine and a few Pills can't Fix

I had a big physical yesterday. Focused on headaches a lot! I feel good that finally I can talk to my doctor and he is very willing to work with me to find the right combination that works well.
We are going to up the tomapax to 50 mg for a few days then to 75 mg and hold there. Going to see how much difference it is going to make.
Also going to combine that with a beta blocker.

My only concern is how tired I am going to feel. Last time I was one the beta blocker it was horrible. It did its job. But I was overly tired. My dr heard me and will be adjusting as we see fit.

So to the next step in living with headaches!

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